The perfect strategy for your case

We will study your case and recommend the best option to reside temporarily or to immigrate permanently to the United States. We will advise you on the best way to obtain a visa from your country or change your immigration status while you are already in the United States. Settling in the United States legally is possible in our hands.

Visa EB2-NIW

Green Card by self-request for professionals for National interest
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Visa F1

Visa for foreigners seeking to study in the United States
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L1 visa

Visa to transfer a company executive
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Visa E2

Business Visa for countries with a trade agreement with the US.
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Visa EB-5

Green Card for foreign investors
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Visa EB-1

Green Card by self-petition for extraordinary talent
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Visa EB-2

Residence for sponsored employment
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Visa K1

Fiancé Visa
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For those who suffer from harassment, fear and persecution
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