¿Are you ready to open up to the world?

If you're not, it doesn't matter. This is where you start.

Why open my company in the US?

Having a company in the United States is having a window to the world. You will be able to open a commercial bank account and obtain an international debit card with no maintenance cost. You will be able to accept payments from all over the world on your website through international payment platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, among others.

The opportunity to build global businesses is more accessible than ever before. We help entrepreneurs from all over the world to take that leap, providing them with the legal structure to open the company that best suits them, as the most innovative companies in the world have done.

¿Do you want to sell on Amazon or e-Bay but can't register from your country? By opening an LLC in the USA you will be able to register and sell in any remote Marketplace, without having to travel. List your business on Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Being a global entrepreneur is now within everyone's reach.

Access millions of customers around the world!

The most stable and prosperous economy in the world opens the doors to obtaining credit for your business, home, merchandise. Access direct credits offered by Amazon, Alibaba and banks around the world.

Company type and trade name verification

We will determine together the type of company that best suits your needs and we will verify the availability of the name within the state of your choice.
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US Business Address and Virtual Office

It is essential to have a physical address of the company in the United States to deliver any notification. We'll take care of this.
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registered agent

Since it is mandatory to appoint a resident registered agent with permanent address and hours to incorporate your company and receive legal notifications, we make it easy for you. The first year of this service is free with the incorporation of your company.

Tax Identification Number

We will obtain the ITIN number (Personal Taxpayer Identification Number) for people who do not have the Social Security number; as well as the EIN number (Employer Identification Number). Both numbers are needed to keep the business up to date, file tax returns, and avoid penalties.

Bank account opening

We will open your business bank account at a top bank in the United States and obtain a debit card for immediate use. You do not need an American visa but you do need a passport. It will not be necessary to travel to the US either.

Document storage and shipping

We will send a digital copy of the commencement documents delivered and stored for easy access online.